About Creator/Founder

After 9 years in politics, a few years as a fashion designer, and about a year working in media, Crystal decided to start her own creative studio. Once upon a time, this studio was just an extension of her blog but it got big enough, that she decided to branch out into it's own entity!

We love local boutiques and Mom and Pop shops (because we are one too) and they love us too (see what they say about us here). Hit us up!

We are based out of Laguna Niguel in Orange County and travel frequently back and forth to Seattle because a lot of our clients reside there! If you want to grab coffee or say hello, please email us at hellostudiosalty@gmail.com.

In the meanwhile, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @_studiosalty

What We Do

Tulifts | Photography by Salty Blog


We work with you to create a valuable, shareable, and impactful brand identity

Brand Development

Brand Strategy

Business Organization



We create content that amplifies your brand identity.



Post Production

Creative & Art Direction



We create sharable content that engages with your consumers.

Social Media Management

Social Media Strategy

(photo taken by Studio Salty with Marina Taylor)