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Anna Zheng

Photography for Glow Together

“Working with Crystal was not only incredibly insightful, but it was inspiring, fun, collaborative and effective. She’s a smart, well-dressed cookie!” - LoHo, Fashion Design Company

“I was skeptical that we needed help with social media, but then I met Crystal. Crystal Get. It. Done. She thinks comprehensively and long-term, and made handing over this part of our business feel so good. Studio Salty has made our lives better and our business better” - Naked Truth Beauty, Ecofriendly Cosmetic Company

“Studio salty puts the personal back into marketing and PR services - as in real sit down, let’s-talk-this-through kind of meetings. Crystal is bursting with energy, enthusiasm and creativity. She makes things happen!” - Clementines, Seattle Fashion Boutique

“Everything is awesome and wonderful and amazing and I think I'm getting a lot of value for the services rendered and a lot of one-on-one attention which is amazing! I love how professional it is, and how personalized and attentive everything is, I'm very happy with the service! :)” - Amazonia Skincare, Ecofriendly Skincare Brand

“I greatly enjoyed working with Crystal. She is timely and professional. Her design styles are fun and creative! I look forward to working with her again!” - Diary of This Girl Named Megan, Fashion Blogger 

“Crystal has excellent design & creative skills that I can definitely rely on!” - Suited Soor, Menswear Blogger